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Blood Promise  - Richelle Mead

I feel like I couldn't do a review of a book that's in the middle of a series so I thought it was a great idea to just mention it (aka what I'm currently reading) and to give my general thoughts. 


Blood Promise by Richelle Meed is the 4th book in the Vampire Academy series and I have to admit: IT IS AMAZING! Rose is so strong and the setting in this book makes me want to read Anna Karenina (I won't spoil anything, but if you've read one of these two books, you'll know why) but that one is so big haha. I really would like to read that one next year!


It's a shame I haven't read Blood Promise earlier, because I read the first book in this series at the end of last year and I read the second and third in January. I just wanted a break from this series and because I'm reading it on my ereader (I just hate the covers and I thought: I'm never going to re-read this series again) I've waited so long, but this book is really good!


Y'all know I'm also currently reading The Complete Tales and Poems by Edgar Allan Poe, but I only want to read 400 pages a month. This book is so huge (1020 pages) and full with short stories so I can do that. I've read all the poems and I've read about 200 pages of the tales.


What are you currently reading?