My bookshelf!

So this week we changed the color of the walls, I got a new floor, curtains etc. so we decided to move my bookshelf a little bit, which means I can take pictures of it! (finally).  

I'm sorry if some of the books are out of focus! I tried to upload it on Instagram etc. first but the image was getting worse and worse (I guess it's because the distance is way to long). Would you like to see an indept bookshelf tour? Then I can do that as well! 


The books at the bottom are all the books in Dutch (as well as the first 7 Gossip Girl books and the biography of Steve Jobs. I love how everything looks now. All the books seem to fit in the genre I wanted it (just exactly) and I have some space on my classic shelf, which is nice because I really want to buy more classics this year! So these are all the books I own. On top of the shelf (so above the shelf) I have much more space for in the future!


What books do you spot? :)