Bookhaul #10

Bookhauls are so lovely! I have bought a few more books since my last bookhaul than I usually do, but this will also be my last bookhaul for next two months. Currently I own 25 books and I have exams as well so I won't be able to read that much anyways. Anyways, here are the books I recently bought:


1. Insurgent by Veronica Roth and A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.

I bought Insurgent because I didn't own this book at all and the movie came out recently, so I wanted to re-read it before I go see the movie. I have Divergent in the collector's edition as well so I wanted to have Insurgent in this edition also and I was afraid this edition is going to be sold out soon. 


A Tale Of Two Cities is a classic I wanted to read for a while now and then I heard that The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare is based on this classic. You may have seen that I wanted to start this series this month, but when I heard that it is based on this classic I wanted to buy and read this first. I want to collect all of his books that are on the Rory Gilmore reading challenge in this edition so that's why I bought this edition.


2. Lock and Key, Keeping the Moon and Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen and Carrie by Stephen King. 

These four books came in the mail at the same day so that's why I have a picture of these four books. I bought the boxset with the three Sarah Dessen books for a really cheap price and I've already read Lock and Key last year on my ereader and loved it so I bought this boxset. These are the old covers and I have four other books by her also in the old covers (and I just want to collect all her books) so that was an other reason. I really want to read Someone Like you and Keeping the Moon soon and maybe I'll read Lock and Key as well.


I've never read anything by Stephen King and Carrie seems a great one to start with. This has to deal with prom (but then in a scary way) and it's prom time so perfect time to read this one! This is also his first novel and it's on the Rory Gilmore reading list. I think I'm going to read Carrie next month. 


3. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott 

Can we just stare at this beautiful edition? It's from the Barnes and Noble leatherbound collection. I've never read Little Women, it is on the Rory Gilmore reading list and this edition is so beautiful so that's why I bought. I also cannot wait to read this one!


So here we go. These were all the books I recently bought. 


What books have you recently bought?