Bookhaul #15

I bought some books! I only bought 3 books, but I also got two for free so that is a perfect number in total for a bookhaul!

The Great Gatsby is the first classic I have bought and I also the first one I've ever read, but I didn't like it back then. I read it in the edition that you see on the left side (because I had no idea there were other classics as well!) but I wanted to buy it in the edition on the right so it matches my 1900-1950 authors + I want to get more F. Scott Fitzgerald books in the future in that edition as well. My plan is to re-read it anytime soon to see if my opinion might change now.

These two books were given to me. I got New World Rising by Jennifer WIlson from the author herself, because the next book in that series comes out next month and I asked if she would like me to review both books when the second one comes out so she gave them to me (I'm getting the second book a few days after the release date) so I can read and review them! I'm so excited and I really love reading a dystopian once in a while.

A friend of my mom is a fan of Stephen King and she owns all of his books in Dutch, but she also had this one in English and she knew I only have Carrie and wanted to get more into his books so she gave this one (Insomnia) to me because she doesn't read English books. Yay for free books!

My plan was to buy not buy more books, but I went to a physical bookshop in the city where I'm going to study next year and they had English books (It's very uncommon to find English books here) so I had to buy one or two books and decided to go for these two. Eventhough they were a little bit more expensive than ordering them online (there was a difference for about 4€, but the price of The Waves had dropped much and I've never seen that one drop so much) so when I saw these two I had to get them. I've wanted to read Robinson Crusoe for many years now because it was mentioned in my Philosophy and History class + we've watched the movie in Philosophy class about 3 years ago) so  now I finally can and I want to collect all of Woolf's books at some point in my life (and then read them of course)!


I also ordered the Percy Jackson box set (yes finally!) + the Little Black Classics box set (that one comes out in September and it was much cheaper to wait for the set than to order 20 seperately) because I got my driver license (which means I got extra money) and I sold some old stuff, so there's a sneak peek for my next haul!


What books have you bought recently?