Bookhaul #21

This will be the last bookhaul in a while and what I coincidence that this is the twentyfirst bookhaul! I turned 21 last Wednesday and most of I got most of the books for my birthday.

I got these four books from my parents for my birthday. I cannot wait to read them all! I love the variety of this bookhaul haha. I'm going to read A Christmas Carol right before Christmas and my plan is to read Brave New World in March (I'm going to do a classic dystopian month in March and I'm going to read All The Light We Cannot See in May (my plan is to read World War books in May). I'm not sure when I will be reading Queen of the Tearling, but okay.

These are the books I bought for myself (basically because I wanted to). I think I'm going to read Tom Sawyer in January and We in March (because We is one of the first classic dystopians!). My Spanish teacher comes from Catalonia and because we're going to have a culture test in January and it's written by George Orwell, I just bought it. It's non-fiction, so I think I just pick it up once in a while.


I'm not going to receive any books for Christmas or my birthday (I'm going to celebrate my birthday tomorrow with family) because I ''asked'' for money so I can buy an extra bookshelf! And let me tell you that I really need an extra one lol.


What have you bought recently?