Review: How We Weep and Laugh at the Same Thing (Penguin Little Black Classic #29) by Michel de Montaigne

How We Weep and Laugh at the Same Thing (Little Black Classics #29) - Michel de Montaigne

My summary:

There are 6 essays in total:

1. How do we weep and laugh at the same thing: conflicts of emotions, mind opener
2. On conscience: coinscience makes us fight with ourselves.''For why should pain make me confess what is true rather than force me to say what is not true?
3. Fortune is often found in reason't train: ??
4. On pushing cowardice: punishments: when?
5. On the vaniy of words: persuading people with words/speeches
6. To philosphize is to learn how to die: happiness and blessedness teach how not to be afraid of dying


My opinion:

I really liked all of them and they were very moving, except the third one. I think it was because of my lack of English to fully understand this essay. I've never heard of Michel de Montaigne before and because of this Little Black Classic I want to read more of his essays, but then maybe in Dutch. I always have loved philosphy books and this one did not disappoint me at all. I also really liked how the topics were so various and this is actually a Little Black Classic that didn't disappoint me, because this is what I had in mind with this collection.


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Have you heard of Michel de Montaigne before and if so what have you read by him?