Bookhaul #29

Since last bookhaul I bought only three books, but I finally got one and in the edition that I've been looking for over a year! These are the books I got:

Because I got accepted to a new school (I'm going to study Media Design! Which is all about coding, editing, photoshop, etc. etc.) I decided to pick up a book about a special art form: popism. POPism seems really interesting, so I cannot wait to read it.


The Secret Garden is one that has always been interesting to me, so I picked it up (also because the Vintage Children's Classics are just really beautiful and I want to expand that collection). 


Dreamland by Sarah Dessen was one of the only ones that I had to get (and wanted) in the old edition, so now I have all books from That Summer 'till Lock and Key in the same edition. I don't mind if her newer ones will be (because I already own Along for the Ride in the new edition) in the new edition, but I really wanted her old ones to match. I've been looking for over a year for Dreamland in this edition and now I finally have it. It's secondhand and a bit damaged, but for only 4,55 euros I can't complain.


What have you recently bought?