The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The first classic I've read this year was The Great Gatsby. I wanted to wait for a review because I also wanted to see the movie, but I even didn't finish it. I didn't like the movie at all.



First of all I really liked the book, but also a part of me didn't. I'm not the kinda girl who goes to party's en drinks alcohol, so that's why I didn't like the story that much. But I loved F. Scott Fitzgerald's writing style.


So the story was kinda silly, but that depends on how much you like partying en drinking. On the other hand I really liked the story because it shows us how life was in de 1920s. This book really gave me that thought. 


This is my toughts about the book, non-spoiled. If you click on read more, you can read my spoiler review. 


I've tried to watch the movie, but I wasn't even half trough before I stopped watching. I hated the movie.


What are your thoughts about The Great Gatsby?