#booktubeathon Reading Update Day 5+6

Here's my update for day 5 and 6. There's only one our left of day 6 and I don't I can read that much anymore (but I'm also really tired haha).


Yesterday I started If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones and finished it today. This book completes two challenges: read a book with red on the cover and read a book from a genre you've read the least this year. I really enjoyed it. Read my full review here.


I also finished Romeo & Juliet today. I read act 3 yesterday and act 4 and 5 today. I didn't know so many things! I totally forgot about Paris as a character and that Juliet wasn't actually dead in the first play and about the things Romeo had done etc. I'm going to write a full review after I watched the movie. Which version should I watch, or should I watch all the versions?


Now I've completed all the challenges except one (well, two). The only challenge I have to complete is ''start and finish a series'' which means I only have to read Champion in like 25 hours and with that I completed all the challenges (yes, also read 7 books). I never thought I could get through these books in a week! I'm so tired and I think I'm going to have a reading slumb in the next few week, but that's okay. I only read 2 pages of Champion so far (which isn't a lot, I know).


How was your fifth and sixth day?