My favourite booktubers

I think we all watch booktube. There are some that are not that big (and some of them are big) but I wanted to share with you some booktubers that I want to watch immediately when they have posted a new video. I literally drop everything I was doing just to watch the new video. Here are my favourites:


♥ Ariel Bissett

♥ Booksandquills

♥ Kassidy Voinche

♥ LitJournal

♥ Karina E

♥ Jean Bookishthoughts 

♥ Elly Mary


I watch so many more booktubers, but these are my favourites. Ariel Bissett is a great booktuber because of her subjects and discussions, Booksandquills because she's Dutch as well and her taste is so interesting. Kassidy Voinche because all of her bookhauls (of course, that girl is crazy! Haha) and LitJournal because his videos are just that amazing (just watch it). I'm obsessed with Karina E because her videos are just that amazing as well and she's also doing the Rory Gilmore reading challenge. There aren't that many booktubers who are doing that challenge so when she has a review of one of the books I just watch it (and just her videos in general). Jean Bookishthoughts is just that amazing because she has a different taste then other booktubers. I always see new books that have never been on booktube! She loves Greek literature and literature in general and I like Elly Mary's videos because she's the sweetest and she reads so many book (it's mental, I wish I could read so many!).


So I hope you've discovered some new booktubers! What channels are your favourites?