Review: Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

Peter Pan - J.M. Barrie


One starry night, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell lead the three Darling children over the rooftops of London and away to Neverland--the island where lost boys play, mermaids splash and fairies make mischief. But a villainous-looking gang of pirates lurk in the docks, led by the terrifying Captain James Hook. Magic and excitement are in the air, but if Captain Hook has his way, before long, someone will be walking the plank and swimming with the crocodiles...


My opinion:

As a child I never read Peter Pan, but I grew up with the movie. It was so long ago so I decided to re-watch the movie first. It was so beautiful! I've watched the 2003 Disney version and I think that's one of my favourites. This version is so good! When I think about Peter Pan, I think about an animated movie and this version has that.

Here's the trailer: 



The book was as good as the movie! I even think the movie is a little bit better because you can really see the emotions and because those emotions are so perfectly exagerrated on the screen that it's hilarious! I loved the storyline and the message is so clear! Most classics have a dramatic ending, but this one hasn't. The villain dies and the hero stays alive. Not everything can end perfectly, but I was so happy when this happened! 


Have you read Peter Pan and when did you read it for the first time?