Bookhaul #7

So these are the books I got recently! Some of them I got for my birthday, some from an author and some from my parents for Christmas. I didn't ask for too many books because I needed money for my room because I wanted to change everything (except for the furniture) so that's what I'm currently doing these days. I'm expecting a few other books, but those will be in the mail at the beginning of January. So here are the recent ones: 

1. A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks

2. Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness

3. It's Kind Of A Funny A Story by Ned Vizzini

4. Ignite by Lily Paradis

5. The Mortal Instruments 1-5 by Cassandra Clare


I already read A Walk To Remember on my ereader so I didn't own it. It's one of my favourites so of course I had to get it! 


The Chaos walking trilogy was a gift for my birthday from my parents. I found them for a really good price at TheBookPeople (even if you don't live in the UK, it's cheaper with shipping then on any other site. Check it out here if you're interested. 


Lily Paradis sent me her book Ignite in return for an honest review. I think I'm going to read it in January so stay tuned for that!


The Mortal Instruments book 1-5 weer also cheap on TheBookPeople (but they aren't there as a collection anymore, I'm sorry!) so of course I got them (as a gift from my parents haha). I already have read The Infernal Devices, but I wanted to own this series as well. The only thing is, is that the first book, City Of Bones, has a sticker on it with the movie thing (that you can't get rid of) but the other books are just perfectly normal! So I don't why they were so cheap! I guess I was just lucky haha.


What books have you bought lately?