Bookhaul #8

I've been so busy studying in the past few weeks that I haven't read that much at all (only 2 books this year..) but hey buying books is never a bad thing! I bought just three books (well I got one free so yay) but I will be many books in about two week and I couldn't wait too long to post these books.  

- Rite of Rejection by Sarah Negovetich: Sarah asked me if I wanted to read and review her (so this) book and I said yes! All I know that it's a dystopian. I haven't read that much dystopian lately so I'm really excited to read it! You can buy Rite of Rejection here

- Alices Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll: I already have the Wordsworth edition of this book, but I really want to collect all books in the Puffin Chalks collection. A friend of mine had read this book on her ereader and she wanted the Wordsworth edition so she has now that copy (plus Dr. Jeckyll and Mr Hyde in that edition as well because I wanted the Oxford edition) so I got discount for this one. These editions are so beautiful! See those here if you also want to see the other childrens classics in this edition here.

- The Unbound by Victoria Schwab: I read The Archived last month and I LOVED IT so of course I had to buy the next one! I hope it's going to be as good as The Archived.. you can The Unbound here


What books have you recently bought?