Bookhaul #11

I got 4 books to show you. Because I had (have, I have still one more to go!) and because I bought an expensive bindup, I have not so many books to show you, but hey: better than nothing! These are the books I recently got:

(do you guys see how much light can do? Ha.)


1. Confess by Colleen Hoover

I got this book as a gift from Riffle. I ''work'' for Riffle (which is a site such as Goodreads, here's my account: click) and they gave me this book so I can read an review it (on there site as well). I don't own other Colleen's books and I haven't read any either, but this one seems most interesting to me.


2. The Complete Novels of George Orwell by George Orwell (of course)

I've never read any Orwell book (it's shame, I know!) and this cover is the most beautful one. Since I already decided I wanted to read all of his novels and it was also the cheapest choice, I decided to go for the bindup. The bindup has these novels in it:

- Animal Farm

- Burmese Days

- A Clergyman's Daughter

- Coming Up for Air

- Keep the Aspidistra Flying

- Nineteen Eighty-Four

One of those novels wasn't available as a seperate book, so another reason why I decided to go for the bindup. I have to say this bindup is larger (much larger) than the other Penguin Modern Classics, but this book is 1200 pages long. The font is normal so it's s good thing this book is larger (the only bad thing is that the hight don't match my other Penguin Modern Classics..)


3. The Wizard Of Oz by L. Frank Baum

You all know by now I already have 3 of the Puffin Chalks, but I really wanted to have this one as well. It's on the Rory Gilmore Reading Challgenge, but I always had my eye on this book. It's short so perfect for a read-along and I've never read the story (yea, I KNOW!)


4. City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments #6) by Cassandra Clare

I got the first 5 books for Christmas and I heard there are coming new covers, so I decided to buy the last one before the sixth book was out of stock! I want to read this series in summer anyways, so perfect timing.


What books have you bought recently?