Currently reading: City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clare

City of Bones  - Cassandra Clare

Y'all know I only mention books in a series in my montly wrap-ups or when I'm doing a review of the entire series, so I thought it would be great if I just share my thought on the first book.


Currently I'm on page 118 of 506.. AND IT'S SO GOOD! I'm blown away by this series already. I love how Cassandra Clare created this world and how she built that up. I was immediately hooked by the story and I just want to continue reading as much as I can. I started this book around 30 hours ago so I'm reading pretty fast (at least for me, ha).


There are some people who I didn't like the first book and I just don't understand how they don't. Like spider demons: what?! and so many other creatures: it's just amazing.


I can't say more because I just got in to the story, but yea I just wanted to let you know that I've finally started this series! I already read The Infernal Devices trilogy though, so I'm not entirely new with her books.


What was your first impression of City of Bones and when did you read it for the first time?