#TBRTakedown 2.0 tbr

So there's a readathon next week! For more information about the creator etc. click here. My tbr might change a little bit, but yea. These are the challenges and the books that I've chosen:


1. First Book in a series: Just One Day by Gayle Forman: the only first book in a series that I own, ha. (well that was a lie I also have A Court of Thornes and Roses, but hey).
2. Sequel Book in a series: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: besides The Mortal Instruments I don't have any sequels (only oif you count The Davinci Code as a sequel) and I wanted to re-read one of those books anyways.
3. Out of your comfort zone (genre, author, reviews, etc): The Changeling by Philippa Gregory. It's an historical fiction novel and I have it for way too long, but I just didn't want to read it because it's historical fiction..
4. On your shelf over a year (or the longest): The Scarlet Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne. I do have books that I have longer than this one, but those are really hard classics to read for a readathon, so yea.
5. Most recently hauled book: Crossing Into Brooklyn by Mary Ann McGuigan.  I got this book at this point as the latest book in the mail, so I think I'm going to read that one (I got it for free in return for an honest review)

Are you going to participate and if so: what's on your tbr?