Review: Good Morning, Midnight by Jean Rhys


In 1930s Paris, where one cheap hotel room is very like another, a young woman is teaching herself indifference. She has escaped personal tragedy and has come to France to find courage and seek independence. She tells herself to expect nothing, especially not kindness, least of all from men. Tomorrow, she resolves, she will dye her hair blonde.

My opinion:

This was a really, really good book. Wauw. First of all: the writing was absolutely stunning! The story was brilliant as well and there were so many relatable things.
Everyone has a point in there life when you're wondering: What am I doing here? Why am I here? I didn't ask to be here etc.. An other good subject was that how she was so afraid of human being, well not afraid, let's say she hated them. She cries so many times because she feels so lonely, but still she doesn't kill herself because of I don't what for reasons, but she doesn't.
I already want to re-read this book, because it was really amazing and I also feel like I've forgotton so much already. Even though it's a short book (only 159 pages), I got confused when I got halfway through the end so at some point I'm going to re-read it for sure.
Have you read this book and what is your opinion about it? Have you read other works by Jean Rhys? Are you curious about this book or her other books?