Bookhaul #16

I got some awesome books I wanted to get for a while now and they're 86 in total! (+ I got a book for free because I got rid of one ha).

The first 5 books I bought are the 5 books in the Percy Jackson and the Olypian series. Yes finally! I cannot wait to read the entire series.

A friend of mine was interested what my opinion of Me, Earl and the Dying girl would b, because she hated it and it was on my tbr. She wanted to read a book that I owned, but I wasn't interested in it anymore so I gave her that book (Girls will be Girls) so she can read that one.

The Penguin Little Black classics came out this year with loads of authors that I wanted to read those books from. I wanted to get 30 or so out of the 80 books in total, but because I had to order them online were they way to expensive. Then I saw that the boxset came out in September, so I decided to order that one which means I have them all now! (the boxset was 200 euros or more cheaper so hell yea!) So you can expect seeing loads of reviews of those little books.

The last book I bought is Dracula. I love this edition so much and Dracula is a perfect October read (at least, I think so).


I don't have any books that are currently on my way and I won't be ordering anytime soon, but I'm going to a booksale thing on 19 September and I hope I can buy some awesome books (mostly classics ha) there so there might be a bookhaul at the end of the month!


Which ones would you like me to read and review first?