Bookhaul #17

I just posted a bookhaul about ten days ago, but I got to a huge booksale event which means I got all those books for really cheap. I payed €23,93 for all these books in total, so yea.

The first two books I got are bindups. The first one is four of James Joyce's novels. so his complete collection and the second one are nine novels by Virginia Woolf. I already had A Room of One's Own and The Waved by her, but this collection was so cheap and I wanted to read all her novels anyways so I just got this edition as well. And I believe two of James Joyce's novels and one by Virginia Woolf (Mrs. Dollaway) are on the Rory Gilmore list as well so yay!

Night Film sounded really interested, I had heard some things about it on Booktube and because it's a thriller/mystery so perfect for this time of the year so I decided to pick this one up. Heart of Darkness is listed on the Rory Gilmore reading challenge as well and this is a short book, so yea.

Varney, The Vampire is the oldest vampire story (as far as I now) and I'm in the mood to read some good vampire books. This book had more than 1200 pages and really small font though so I'm not sure when I have the time to read it, but yea. The other two books are short story collections. The one on the left speaks for itself and the one one the right has some really interested stories by Oscar Wilde, Robert Louis Stevenson and such.


I had also bought Spanish (to and from Dutch) dictionaries for school (usually they are 100 euros but I got them for 15 ha!) so it was a pretty good deal.


Now I have way to many unread books in my opinion, so I'm going on a ban. I'm only getting two more books in October. Because of school I don't have much time to read anyways and at the moment I want to read ALL of the books I own, so yea that sucks haha.


What have you bought recently?