Review: The Yellow Wall-Paper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (Penguin Little Black Classic #42)

The Yellow Wall-Paper - Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Goodreads summary:

'The color is hideous enough, and unreliable enough, and infuriating enough, but the pattern is torturing.'

Written with barely controlled fury after she was confined to her room for 'nerves' and forbidden to write, Gilman's pioneering feminist horror story scandalized nineteenth-century readers with its portrayal of a woman who loses her mind because she has literally nothing to do.


My opinion:

This edition has three of her short stories: The Yellow Wall-Paper, The Rocking-Chair and Old Water. I didn't like those stories that much and I don't see why this one got hyped up because of those Penguin Little Black editions that came out this year. I get the feminine and horror aspects but I wasn't shocked or involved with the story..


Have you read these short stories? Have you read any of her normal novels (if she has written some, I have no idea!) and if so would you recomment them?