Bookhaul #18

I got some new books this month! One of them I got free from the author in return for an honest review, two of them are ones I really, really want to read and the other one is one I've already read, but the collector's edition came out this month so I got that one to complete my collection of this series.

New World Ashes by Jennifer Wilson is the second book in the New World trilogy and this one came out in September. I've already read the first book of this series this month and I'm going to read New World Ashes this weekend. I have also awesome news: Jennifer would like to give away her two books to one of my readers! So stay tuned because I think the giveaway will be up in the upcoming week!


Far From The Madding Crows by Thomas Hardy is a classic that has been really hyped up lately and the story sounds so damn interesting that I just picked it up. I cannot wait to read it!


Same thing goes for To Kill A Mockingbird. It's a shame I still haven't read it so I picked it up. Online there are only 50th anniversary editions of this book (and no you can't get that off, so annoying!) so when I saw this in the bookstore that's nearby the new school I go to (yay!) I just bought it because I. Have. To. Read. It. Lol.


The last book I bought is the Allegiant collector's edition which came out on October 6th. Yes that date was something! There were so many books coming out and big booknews that day but the one that I really wanted was this one. I've already read it the day it was released (so back then I read it on my e-reader), but I'm excited to re-read it at some point.


I'm quite happy with this haul. Not too many books and that's how I like it! The only book I will be getting for the rest of the month is an other edition of Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins, because the edition I had didn't match the other two in that series so I sold that one to a friend.


I also really like it how this pictured turned out. It's really autumnal haha!


What is the latest book you've bought?