Bookhaul #19

This will be the shortest bookhaul yet, but I still wanted to share the books that I bought this month! There is a huge sale thing in my area at the end of this month and my bithday + Christmas is next month, so I decided to not to go crazy this month. I still have a ton of unread books on my shelf (atleast for me) so that was also a reason why I didn't buy so many books. These are the books that I bought:

I think that picture already shows enough. My plan is to read both of them in February (yes I plan out what I will be reading for months ha) because I want to read some romantical books in that month (y'all know why) and both of these books are different than usual: both of them have lesbian relationships in it. I've also never read a Sarah Waters' book before and this is her first book she has written/published, so of course I wanted to pick this one up.


Next bookhaul will be bigger for sure, but I think I'm going to post that one after Christmas so we have all of the events - that I mentioned at the beginning of this blogpost - together in one blogpost. No idea how many books there will be in that blogpost, but we shall see! :)


What is your latest book purchase?