Reading less but more effective, taking notes + changes!

Last week I realised that I already forgot what those stories were about that I read just a few weeks ago and that made me realise I wanted to change something. Instead of focusing on how many books I read and pushing myself to finish a book before a certain date, I decided to not to care about that number or my tbr anymore. If I read a book, I want to know the story even months later, but I never shae my spoiler discussions here so why remembering them? I've decided to write down every important detail that I read. This way I can remember way much more and I can look back to my own notes.

So I tried that and the first book I've tried that with is Cinder (Lunar Chronicles #1) by Marissa Meyer. I already read that book last year, so this was a re-read for me. I've forgotten so many important things about that book! Because I was taken notes while re-reading it, I was reading it way slower than the first time, but I remember way much more now!


It took me a week to read this short book and I'm okay with that. This does mean that I cannot read as fast as I would like to, but because of this way I won't have to re-read a book so often and now I can actually talk about the book much more (or even use my information for tags).


This means that my wrap-ups won't that long anymore and that I'm not going to post as many reviews as I usually did. Reading should be unstressfll and relaxing!


What are your reading habits? ♥