Currently Reading, Magazines + Penguin Little Black Classics

So this weekend (I started it last week though) I'm reading City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments #6) by Cassandra Clare. This book is massive, so I'm going to split this one up in two parts (this book has actually already two parts so that's easy) so when I'm done with part 1 (and I hope to finish part 1 this weekend) I'm going to re-read Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2) by Marissa Meyer. After I'm done with Scarlet I hope to read the last part of City of Heavenly Fire.

The magazines you see in the picture are the ones that I'm reading throughout this month. Once in a while I love reading magazines (but only magazines with loads of interesting and different facts, so I don't read those typical gossip and fashion magazines) because I love learning useless facts, haha. Those magazines are in Dutch and it's really important (as a translator) to read Dutch as well. I don't like reading books that have been translated to Dutch (just because I love reading in the original language that they have been written in) so reading magazines is a perfect way to still be connected with your mother language. My favorite magazines are ''Onze Taal'' (which a magazine that we get from our school (yes we still have to pay for it) and they would like us to read in it as well, but actually I really like it! It's about language and awesome facts) and ''Quest'' (you may know this magazine because it's an international one with loads of different editions).


I would also like to read a Penguin Little Black Classic, but I'm not sure which one. I have them all, so if you would like to see a review of one: please let me know! There's a list of it on Goodreads as well (click here) so you can see which ones there are published.


What are you reading this weekend? Do you love reading magazines ones in a while as well and if so: what magazines do you like and in what language do you read them in? Of which Penguin Little Black Classic would like to see a review?