Bookhaul #20

I personally think that this is a great bookhaul: not too many books and most of them were on sale and I even got one for free. These are the books I purchased since my last bookhaul:

No, not the entire Lunar Chronicles Series, only Winter. I purchased and read the first three books last year, but this picture was just too beautiful so instead of showing just Winter you can see the cover of all the books in this series! And no I still have not read Winter.. :(

These are all the books I got when there was sale. I paid around 14 euros in total for all of these six books, which is a bargain! In the town I go to school to there was a booksale and that's only twice a year. I got Jane Eyre for free because of a coupon (I already have a copy and read it twice, but I wrote in it for school so I just wanted a new one). I got Wonder on Amazon because that one was really cheap as well and I wanted to buy something that wasn't a classic or hard to read and so many people love Wonder! And I also want to collect and read more Stephen King book's so that was a perfect opportunity! I've never heard of Paul Auster though, but the story seems really interesting.


What is your latest book purchase?