Christina Aguilera Book Tag (original)

I've been a huge fan of Christina Aguilera for as long as I can remember, so it was about time that I would create a tag!

1. What a Girl Wants: favorite OTP

Anna and Etienne from the Anna And The French Kiss trilogy. I love them! Oh and Jamie and Landon from A Walk To Remember.


2. Fighter: best dystopian character

Katniss from The Hunger Games trilogy. I cannot think of an other character, because she really fights for her life and isn't even selfish.


3. Soar: a character you feel sorry for and wish they would be happy about themself

Lincoln O'Neill from Attachments. I felt so sorry for him and I kinda wish he would have believed more in himself and that he could be proud of who he was. Oh and Flory from Burmese Days. He didn't believe in himself as well and that kinda sucked for him.


4. Come On Over (All I Want Is You): character crush

Owen from Confess! Do I need to say more?


5. I'm OK: name a book that has home violence in it

I actually can't remember a book that deals what that topic, so if you know one: let me know!


6. Slow Down Baby: a couple that shouldn't have been a couple (so he/she just had to back off whenever the other person wanted to)

In all the dystopian books when the girl ends up with the instructor... just no!


7. Here To Stay: a badass character that doesn't care about what other people think

Jamie from A Walk To Remember. No matter how hard those high school kids were bullying her, she stayed true to herself and didn't care what other people think about her.


8. Hurt: a character that made stupid mistakes and wished could undone them

Macy from The Truth About Forever. She made just so many stupid and annoying mistakes and made such a big deal out of such small problems.. it was just really annoying and I think if she just could have said things way earlier things would have gone way differently.


9. Lift Me Up: a book that helped you about yourself/life

It's Kind Of A Funny Story. I wasn't feeling that great so that book came perfect on time. Oh and Looking For Alaska as well. 


10. But I'm a Good Girl: a character that everyone seems to think bad of, but you think she's a good person

Tris from Divergent. So many people think she was a whiny character and made stupid decisions, but I don't think that all! She was a good person you guys.


11. Red Hot Kinda Love: a book/series that you loved from beginning to end

A Walk To Remember, The Archived series and Vicious, and Jane Eyre as well (and so many other books!).


12. Your Body: a character that you couldn't stand but still like because he/she is still sexy

Damon from the Lux Series. Do I still need to say more? I couldn't stand him at all but yea, he was a sexy character!


13. Just A Fool: a book you wish you could unread (and had high hopes for)

Uhm, so many! Anna Karenina, Fallen series, Across the Universe trilogy..


14. Shotgun: a book that you will always re-read and wish you could take with you everywhere

Uhm, Harry Potter duh! But honestly, I don't have a book that I could just re-read over and over and over again for the rest of my life. I have a few favorites of all time though (see other questions haha).


I have no idea who is a fan of Christina Aguilera as well, so if you have read this tag and would like to do it as well: say I tagged you! If you let me know you're going to do the tag I'll add you here as well.


What is you favorite Christina Aguilera song?