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Last weekend I started Little Women and I'm absolutely loving it so far! Currently I'm at page 58, so I'm not that very far, but the writing style is very easy (even though it's a Victorian classic) and the storyline is very faschinating as well.

I waited to long to read this (I bought in May) because I heard it would be more fun if you read it during Christmas time and that's so true! I adore these four children, but I really like Jo the most. I'm glad she's the protagonist of this story!


This is a children's classic (well more YA, but that genre didn't excist then; the ''children'' are between 12 and 16 years old) so if you want to get into classics a little bit more: read this one!


I'm not that far yet, so a full review will be up when I've finished the novel.


What are you currently reading?