Review: To-morrow by Joseph Conrad (Penguin Little Black Classic #53)

To-morrow - Joseph Conrad

Goodreads summary:

‘It was as if the sea, breaking down the wall protecting all the homes of the town, had sent a wave over her head’ . . .

Set in a desolate English port, Conrad’s spare, savage turn-of-the-century story of lives haunted by the sea. One of Conrad’s most powerful, gripping stories.


My opinion:

I've read Heart of Darkness by the same author in November, so I decided to read this short story as well (I own the entire Penguin Little Black classics boxset, so yea). I didn't like Heart of Darkness at all but it was just ok so I gave it 2 stars... this short story was even worse! I could not give it a higher rating than a 1..


Most of the time I didn't even understand what the heck was going on, there was no moral and it was just weird.


I read it so I could finish all the books I own by him, but I don't think I will be buying any other book my him.. I don't like giving a low rating but sometimes you just have to..


What is your opinion about Joseph Conrad?