Bookhaul #22

This is just a short bookhaul (only two books) but my plan is to not to buy any anytime soon, so I just wanted to show you these two.

First I got the Vintage Children's edition of The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas. I read this book two years ago for school and absolutely loved (well...) it, but I never owned a copy. I came across this one and because I also want to re-read it, I decided to buy it, This cover is absolutely beautiful! Oh and I also realised that this book only excists 10 years (in 2016) and it's already classified as a classic... what?! I thought it was written in the '70 or something.


Another Country is one of those books that I wanted for so long, but never bought it because there was that issue with this edition. Everywhere online I saw the same isbn with a different cover and I only wanted this one. Last week I decided to mail the company (site) that showed this cover because I wanted to be sure that if I order it, I really would receive this edition and I did! I'm so happy you guys.


I also received thos character cards from Victoria Schwab. These cards match with the characters from Vicious and they are so beautiful!


This will be the last bookhaul for a while (lol, lie!) so yea.


What is your latest book purchase?