Review: Little Women and Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott

Little Women (Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classic Collection) - Louisa May Alcott

Goodreads summary:

Meg, Jo, Amy, and Beth--four "little women" enduring hardships and enjoying adventures in Civil War New England

The charming story of the March sisters, Little Women has been adored for generations. Readers have rooted for Laurie in his pursuit of Jo's hand, cried over little Beth's untimely death, and dreamed of traveling through Europe with old Aunt March and Amy. Aspiring writers have found inspiration in Jo's devotion to her writing. In this simple, enthralling tale, Louisa May Alcott has created four of American literature's most beloved women.


My opinion:

The two reasons why I can't give it 5 stars is because 1. I don't think you can re-read this book/series because it would be very boring and it's already something that really sticks with you so you'll know everything reading it for the second time and 2. I don't like with who Laurie and Jo ended up with.. Other than that is was a great classic! The characters felt really real and not in a heroic way and even though it's a Victorian classic, it's very easy to read and it feels like you're reading a YA novel, but than better than most YA books. I adore this book so much and it really sticks with you. I also cannot wait to read Little Men and that sequel! (It's a seperate spin-off series).


If you've read it, there are some awesome facts about Little Women: click here. For those who haven't read it yet I can mention some of those facts here as well: Louisa May Alcott never wanted to write Little Women, but her publisher said she should try it and she wrote it then in ten weeks. The sisters to Jo were based on her own sisters and the events that happened in Little Women were real to her as well and you can visit the house where Alcott lived in while she writing Little Women! It's in Massachusetts.

What is your opinion about Little Women and Good Wives and have you seen a movie adaptation? If so: which version so you like most?