My thoughts on Orange Is The New Black season 1-3

So I just finished the last episode of Orange Is The New Black (atleast, those that are now out). This is a very hyped up series, so I wanted to share my thoughts on it.


Here's the trailer in case you've no idea what it's about:



I liked the show in general. However, I was shocked with the many sex scenes and some were so disgusting that I had to turn of the noise and do something else. There were also some characher (cough, Piper, cough) that nnoyed me so much, damn. Everytime she made really, really stupid and annoying decisions and was really selfish at most times. Like a friend (more than a friend) got the news she got out of jail in two days, and because that friend did something ''to her'', she made sure that that friend doesn't go out of jail. And her relationship with Alex, like wtf. So many things are just so wrong about that relationship that I can't even.


Season 1 was in my opinion the best season and then the last few episodes of season 3 (if we don't talk about Piper). That rape story just broke my heart and it was so touching and real. On ther other hand, she also just could've kicked him in his balls, you know. I loved some characters (Tricia, Tiffany, Nicky, Brook and Stella), some were okay and some I didn't like at all. I also love the fact that each episode told us something about all the characters. So one episode it focused on one background story and the other about someone else.


This is still an important show, but the fact that it took me over three months over just 30 episodes, must say enough. (aka Orphan Black is a much better show ha). Oh and I don't it's appropriate for those who are not 16 yet ha.


I'm still going to watch season 4 though (when this one comes out, but I think I'm going to wait 'till the entire season comes out. I just role that way haha).


What is your opinion about Orange Is The New Black?