Bookhaul #27

This is a small bookhaul, but since I'm not going to buy more anytime soon I still wanted to post it (that'll also happen for the next 2 hauls, because I want to buy only 2 in July and 1 in August). These are books I got for June 9It's not even June yet, I know but since I buy some books to read in June etc.):

I received Gunfight At The Old Canal by the author himself, in return for an honest review, which was really generous of him! It's about terror attach in European cities and natual disasters etc. even though it's fiction (it's also about a boy who love freerunnin and is dating an Indonesian girl), it's really relevant so I cannot wait to read it. 


Khaled Hosseini is one of those authors I've been really interesting in and because I want to read all of his noels (eventually), I decided to buy this boxset. Not a huge fan of the covers though (I still like them, but I like the other more) but I thought there wasn't a boxset of that one so yea. I still really like them and also how they feel (we're all weird like that, right?) and I cannot wait to read them. Not sure if I'll start with The Kite Runner or A Thousend Splended Suns, but I think I'm just going to read them in chronological order so I'll start with The Kite Runner.


What books have you bought recently?