Why I'm going to stop rating books and doing all the wrap-ups

Just a few minutes ago I realized something: why do we even rate books? How can we compare totally different stories and say we give the other one a higher rating, even though the other one was much more fun or important? Did you ever look at the books you read a few years ago and realized how much your taste have changed and that maybe those ratings aren't even ''correct'' anymore? Those are some questions that I have and those are the reason why I want to stop rating books. Also, when you read a book and you tell your friend or a relative about it, you don't say oh I gave it four stars, but you just explain why you liked it and why you recommend it or not. So from now on I'm going to stop rating books. I wanted to tell you this because it will be a big change in my reviews and also on Goodreads.


I also want to stop making wrap-ups. I mean, why are they there? Just to be proud or ashamed of how many or less books you've read in a month? Reading is for fun and that's how it should be. I don't want to make a pile of those books I read in a month and show it off and see how ''less'' I read (I think this also happened because I want to read all the unread books I own and I feel overwhelmed when I see how many (just 50) unread I own and want to get to them so badly, but I just don't get to them because I read so ''less). I just want to review the books I read and tell you guys if I recommend it or not, just like I would do to a friend. So I will only show hauls and reviews here, so I can look back to the two things that are most important to me when it comes to reading. 


I hope that with these changes I can have more fun with reading again and that I don't have to think about ratings or to how many books I can get to in a month (with that I mean being disappointed in myself because I want to read all the books I own or when I didn't stick to my tbr plan). 


- Vienna