No more posts on this blog + why

At the end of the year I've decided to stop posting on this blog. I wanted to explain why but Booklikes have been down since today so that's why I couldn't post this earlier. 


For the last few years reading has been my one and only priority. That was the only thing I did when I came home from school and what I did in the weekends. I was studying Translation, so that's why I also was more interested in reading than I am now. I quit that studies in April last year and that's when things began to change for me. I started dating and have been in a relation ever since (and we got a puppy too!) which is one of the reasons  why reading has been less of a priority. Which is also great, because life is also great and more excited than just to only read (haha).


This September I also started a new studies: media design. I don't only make stuff digitally, but also by hand. Since then I am drawing more but still not as much as I want to, so I really want to focus more on drawing (and digital designing) which means I don't have that much time read anymore. Since August I only read like 7 or 8 books. Usually I read 5 books a month so that says something.


So the time I have left in my schedule for reading and blogging is so limited now that I decided to focus more on reading and even way less on blogging. I also have so many unread books that I own and want to get to, that I also buy less. I'm still going to post on my Goodreads and Instagram (which means I'm going to post the reviews I used to do here fully on Goodreads now and my reasons behind by bookhauls now on Instagram too) so I'm not going to fully stop, but only stop posting on this platform. So you can follow my Goodreads here if you haven't already and by Instagram here


So this has nothing to do with Booklikes, because it's perfect platform for bookblogging, but just because of my priorities. 


What are you Goodreads and Instagram? If you post it I will follow you too if I don't already.