On Cover Design | Books I bought because of their cover

Even though we saw ‘’the cover doesn’t matter, it’s about the story’’ we are drawn to them. When their are more editions of one book, we go for the prettiest cover. When we’re browsing online and find a beautiful cover, we want to buy it immediately. Today I want to share the books I bought because of their beautiful cover. All of these covers have something so special about them, that I just had to buy them, but what made them so special for me?

I love this edition of Jane Eyre, because it matches the story. The black (and design) fits with her character and the red pages matches the ‘’red room’’ (it’s a big deal of the story). I didn’t find any other cover that matches the story perfectly (except for the Penguin Deluxe edition and yes I want that one too). Speaking of Penguin Deluxe: they have such awesome fitting covers (+ deckled edges and the quality of the paper etc. is just awesome). Fear of Flying by Erica Young is just designed so well (and is a funny one too). And let’s not talk about the Word Cloud classics (the quotes on their cover and their deluxe feeling to it is just amazing, and for the price too (can I have more please)).


Other classics edition I was immediately drawn to are the Puffin Chalks and the Vintage Children editions. The illustrations one those covers are just so well done and creative (and I love the art style as well). The covers also match to perfectly because of the fact that they are children’s classics so children are drawn to those editions as well (future children: read them too! haha).

There are not so many modern books I bought because of their cover. I think that has to do with the fact that I just buy them because there aren’t that many editions of them and because I just bought them because of the story and didn’t care as much for the cover. However, there are two in my collection that I did buy because of the cover: the dutch edition of Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour and Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. I love the simplicity but yet so perfectly fitting of the Lord of the Rings ones, Every Leads to You is just so beautiful because of the font choice (and the pink and the back of the girl instead of the front (let’s just say there’s nothing bad to say about the cover) and the design of Illuminae is just so awesome. The dust jacket is just so cleverly designed (and the cover itself too).


What are some of the books you bought because of their cover?