Bookhaul | 2017

It's been a long time since I've shown you the books I bought this year, so I thought it would be fun to do an overview of all the books I bought this year. There aren't that many, because reading wasn't that much of a priority this year (I'll post a 2017 wrap-up soon). Here are all the books I bought with some fun statistics. 

- In total I've bought twenty books. 

- From which I've read only seven this year.

- One I bought but I already read that one before, but wanted to have this beautiful edition (Emma)

- One book I couldn't resist because of the cover (Fear of Flying).

- Two books I bought because I wanted to watch the tv show of it as well. Sadly one of those I didn't like as much so I stopped watching and the other one I did manage to read it (Thirteen Reasons Why), but still haven't watched the show (The Handmaid's Tale). 

-  I bought the book by Rudyard Kipling in Barcelona while I was on vacation for only one euro, which means that that is the cheapest book I bought.

- The most expensive book I bought was the illustrated Harry Potter edition.

- I bought all the books during the first half of the year, the other half I was on a ban (because of a bet, but I didn't mind it at all so I won haha). 

- I've been wanting to read all of them as soon as I got them, but sadly I didn't (as happens with every booklover haha). 


I've been wanting to post this haul earlier in the month, but then I forgot to bring a book that I had in my boyfriend's house while the rest were at my parent's house and there were times were I totally forgot I bought some books this year as well. So here it finally is! Tomorrow I'll show you all the books I read this year (also with some interesting facts).


How many books did you buy this year and how many of those did you manage to read?