Bookchat | Having a small physical tbr + my tbr

Since I've known about booktube and bookstagram I've been buying more books and my physical tbr kept going. Until this year, because I've been longing for a small physical tbr pile. Today I want to chat about those changes and also show you guys my currently physical tbr. 

It's a natural thing. Finding out about booktube and bookstagram and all of the sudden you see soooo many books you want to read so you just keep buying, reading and sharing. I've never bought and read that many books until that year. Because I live in a country where I can only buy Dutch books in stores and I don't have that many people around me who read books, I had the sudden urge of buying all the books and read them all. Because I couldn't go to the store and pick a book up, also wanted to have a big tbr pile so I could pick the one up that I was in the mood for. For those two years I read more than I've ever did. Also because I couldn't afford buying five or six books every month, I just bought around two or three each time. But then I didn't read that much anymore. 


I still bought two or three book each time, but my physical tbr stayed the same (as in the number) because I didn't read as much anymore. Now I have some books that I've owned for three years that I still haven't read and my excitement for them have changed a little bit. I still want to read all of the books I own, because I also got rid of many books (and that's a bit of a bummer right?!). 


So this year I've decided to getting rid of all the books I'm no longer interested in, that I'm not going to buy so many books, and that I want my physical tbr to slim down to under 40 books by the end of the year. I currently have 48 unread books (not included the many penguin little black and mint classics), but I'm interested in all of them and I have more free time to read because I'm doing an internship until the beginning of next year. This a goal I'm now going to achieve for sure. These are the 48 unread books (let me know which ones you'd like me to read first): 

My end goal is to have under ten unread books. I just want to order the one or two (I get them in just three days) and read them immediately when they arrive. I want to feel and keep the excitement for them and that's only possible when you just bought them, right?


Do you have a big or small physical tbr and what is your ideal one (and why)?