Bookchat | Audiobooks?!


I’ve never been a fan of audiobooks, but recently I’ve been trying it out for two reasons. One, I’ve been traveling a lot (each day) since I’m doing my internship and I’m not that interested in hearing the same music over and over again. The other reason is that I think it’s great background noise while I’m doing graphic design or painting etc. Last month I’ve been trying out some audiobooks to see whether I like this medium or not and I’m curious if you have some recommendations.

For years I’ve never really liked audiobooks. I can’t seem to focus on them, too monotone (I fall asleep very easily, especially if a man is speaking) and I felt like it took to long to finish one. I also heard Audible popping up everywhere and I didn’t like the fact that you have to deal with credits so listen to just one audiobook and all that marketing stuff. This means that in total (up until last month) I’ve only listened to one audiobook and that was Yes, Please by Amy Poehler. Yep, that’s not a lot.


This year I found out about Scribd (not sponsored and I don’t get any commission) and I thought that service would be very interesting: for 8 dollars unlimited access (to audiobooks (also ebooks and magazines, but I prefer only physical books) and after searching I found out that it has very many audiobooks that you can choose from. You can also access it if you live outside of the US, I live in the Netherlands. After being sick of listening to music all the time and not finding that many great podcasts I decided to give it a try. The audiobook that I choose to listen to first was The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson as it was mentioned as one of the best-selling non-fiction books of this year (?) and it was only five hours long (it was still too long in my opinion and I liked it but that’s enough said) and I’me now listing to The Year Of Less by Cait Flanders and I really like it so far.

But I still find that I can’t really seem to focus and that it takes too long. My 30 day trial is coming to an end (next week) and I’m not sure whether to keep it or not (you can easily cancel and start it any month. I did find some memoirs/non-fiction that I maybe want to listen to, but haven’t tried any fiction yet. So if you have any recommendations, please let me know! 


Do you like audiobooks? What are your favorite audiobooks and what app do you use?