News | The end of It's a Books World

Lately I've been having this feeling. A feeling that I don't care about books anymore. I read less, I watch less Booktube and I buy less. I read one book a month or sometimes not even one at all. So it feels natural for me to stop blogging. Here and also on Instagram. 

It's natural when your hobbies are changing. For years I've felt passioned about books and I've been buying and reading and loved finding out about new ones to buy and read. But my passion has changed since I've doing an education where I design/create a lot. During my first year I felt creating tired me a lot so when I had some free time I didn't want to think about my design projects, so I kept reading, but that has changed. Now when I have some free time I like to play with watercolors/copic art and I love to create for fun (if you like to see and follow what I make, come over to Instagram @viennartdesigns). And when I'm not creating I love spending my time watching tv shows. So here's the end of an era. An era where I really had fun, but that fun has shifted. 


The only platform I will still be using is Goodreads. I'll only post updates on what I've bought (that means when I buy a book like once in four months) and my reading process, but that's about it. Here's the link if you'd like to follow me there (if you don't already).


Thank you for following me over the last few years and even if you started following me recently.