Review: The Selection series by Kiera Cass

The Selection series is about a prince who wants to find a wife. The first book, The Prince is a short novella from Maxon's perspective. You can read this book after the other two, but I wanted to read it in order. I wish it didn't do that, because you read spoilers so you know what's going to happen in The Selection. I've read The Selection in two days and The Elite in three or four days. The next paragraphs have spoilers, so if you have not read these yet: go read it!




I liked the idea of the story. It reminds me of The Hunger Games / Mean Girls / The Bachelor. When you're 16 - 20 years old, you can sign up for The Selection. They choose 35 girls. One girl, names America was signed up too. Her boyfriend (not her boyfriend anymore) is a Six. Yes, there are different castes (The Hunger Games!). She is a Five. The rank is 1 - 8. If you are a One, you are basically the prince, princess or something like that. If you are an 8, you don't have money, food and you have so many children. 


So her family doesn't know she has a boyfriend, because it's not done if you have a boyfriend with a lower caste. So she's signed up for the Selection, because she hopes to help her family out and her mom is a little bit bossy. She never thought she would like the prince...


But she did. She and Prince Maxon become friends, but he falls in love with her, so she falls in love with him too. Because there's a selection, she is not the only girl there. That part reminds me of Mean Girls. There are some really mean girls there. In the end of the Elite I was só angry at Celeste, what a bitch!


Have you read the series and what are your thoughts about it?