ARC review: Keeper Vol 1 by Ingrid Seymour

Keeper Vol. 1 (The Morphid Chronicles, Book 1) - Ingrid Seymour

Ingrid send me a epub copy of this book for a review and that's what I'm doing today!


This was a really fast read, but that's because the book is not so long. It's one volume out of four: the rest will come out later.


I liked this book, but it's not my favorite. But I did like the writing style. The story it's about three characters: Sam(antha), Greg and Ashby. Sam's parents want to get a divorce, but those parents are not her real parents: she was adopted when she was two years old. She hates vacations because she likes school and studying. That was a thing I really liked about her!


Greg is  very jealous at his father because of his body, so he wants a surgery. He has also bad grades. Suddenly Greg get's a message inside of him that he needs to find Sam but he doesn't know why he needs to find her and he has no idea who she is.


Ashby is the guy who knows everything about this world and gives Sam a warning when they just met. She thinks that's very strange...


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