Review: Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

Dear John - Nicholas Sparks


An angry rebel, John dropped out of school and enlisted in the Army, not knowing what else to do with his life--until he meets the girl of his dreams, Savannah. Their mutual attraction quickly grows into the kind of love that leaves Savannah waiting for John to finish his tour of duty, and John wanting to settle down with the woman who has captured his heart. But 9/11 changes everything. John feels it is his duty to re-enlist. And sadly, the long separation finds Savannah falling in love with someone else. "Dear John," the letter read...and with those two words, a heart was broken and two lives were changed forever. Returning home, John must come to grips with the fact that Savannah, now married, is still his true love—and face the hardest decision of his life.


My opinion:

I watched the movie before I read the book. First I saw a lot of differences: in the movie Savannah's hair was blond, in the book she had brown hair, John didn't have tattoos in the movie, in the book he does. The main difference that bothered me was the fact that Alan, Tim's son in the movie, was not Tim's son in the book but his brother. This is a contemporary novel, so it's so realistic that they could've kept these details in the movie. If I could choose the actors in the movie, I would've changed them, especially Amanda Seyfreid. I really like her as a person, but I when I read the book I didn't see Amanda as Savannah. 


But after all I really enjoyed the story. This is a cute and romantic book that you can read after you've read a series. I also loved the fact that Savannah helped John with his father and that they got along with each other after all. I gave this book 5 stars because it will always be with me.


Did you know:

- John’s last name (Tyree) was a childhood friend of Nicholas’s?

- John’s character was inspired by Nicholas’s cousin, Todd Vance?
Savannah was named after one of Nicholas’s daughters?


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