Bookhaul #1

My first bookhaul! I bought some new books lately that I wanted to show you.





I wanted to read If I Stay for a while, so I bought it. Partly because of the movie, but I added this book on my Goodreads before I knew there was a movie coming out this year.


Across the Universe was on my list for about a year now, so it was time to buy it. The cover is gorgeous! I can't wait to read it.


Jane Eyre is on of my favorite musicals. I really like the soundtrack, so it was time to buy and read this book. I have all my classics in this edition, so I bought Jane Eyre in this edition as well, even though I don't like the cover of this version that much. 


I'm collecting the Sarah Dessen books and I wanted them to match in the old covers. The boxset are in old covers available, but the other books are not. So when I found out I could get That Summer even second handed I just bought it. 


I've waited so long for The One and it finnaly arrived today! I wanted a paperback so that they match with the other ones, but it took a while for it to come out. I don't know why they waited for the paperback for so long, but I finally got it!


Have you read these books?