Bookhaul #2

I didn't get a lot of books this time (as usual) but the few that I got are really pretty and because I'm not going to buy any books until September I thought: let's write this bookhaul anyways.  

The first books I got are Millions of Suns and Shades of Earth aka book 2 and 3 in the Across the Universe trilogy. I still haven't read the first one yet (I read a few chapters on my ereader a year ago or so) but I can already guess that this series will become one of my favorite series, so I bought the other ones so I can marathon them. 

I also got the Legend boxset! I've never read this series so I was like: why not?! I got this boxset for a very good deal: I paid that much for the boxset as I normally would get for one book! I'm really looking forward to read this series.


These were all the books I got. I'm not going to buy any books soon, but I'm getting review books in the mail in July or August. 


What books have you bought recently?