Review: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë


Jane Eyre is a wildly emotional romance with a lonely heroine and a tormented Byronic hero, pathetic orphans, dark secrets, and a madwoman in the attic. When it was 

published in 1847, it was a great popular success. The power of the writing, the masterly 
handling of the narrative, and the boldly realistic style were much admired. But many found it difficult to believe that Currer Bell, the pseudonymous author, was Charlotte Brontë , a young woman from a bleak Yorkshire parsonage.


My opinion:

I really, really enjoyed this classic and I think it's my favorite I've read so far. I liked sooooo many quotes and I really liked the fact that Jane's story began with her childhood; you read her life until she's in her thirties. There were also so many plottwists, some of them were really weird. i thought there would be more elegance and art in this book (because of the musical soundtrack) and I wasn't pleased when I found out that these elements were cut our in the book. 


But there were two I could not understand: why is in in this book/story/setting so normal to ''love'' a man who is more than 20 years elder?! I could not believe this when I found out. The writer was a Christian, so I thought it would be not okay if the difference between two people would be so huge. And the fact that men could marry women so easily was also really weird: I only would want marry someone if I really love that person, not because of politics or etc. 


But overall I really like this book and I think I'm going to see the movie tonight. This is the trailer:



The cover of this book is a little bit different than the one I have, but it has the same isbn (which is weird). 


I also want to mention that I'm not going to participate in the #classic read-a-long, because I'm already reading 2 classics this month and I want to read other books as well. 


Have you read/seen Jane Eyre?