Review/Discussion: Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Princess  - Cassandra Clare

I can't say the summary of this book because it would spoil everything about the first two books. So if you haven't read this series yet I would not recommend the spoiler section. 


This book was so amazing! With the ending I thought Tessa would end up with Will, but then he died! :o (in the epilogue). There were seriously so many plottwists, that wasn't normal! But I really like the ending though. 


(show spoiler)


I loved all the charachters, the storyline and the writing style, so I think this series has became my favorite series ever! I also love the fact that so many quotes and facts from other books were in this book as well, because the main character loves reading as well. I haven't read TMI yet, but I've heard that series is that good as TID, but I still really want to read TMI! (I still have to buy it so I'm waiting for my birthday in December). I recommend this trilogy to everyone oh and you can read this series before TMI if you want to.


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