#booktubeathon Reading Update Day 1

Booktube-A-Thon Day 1 has ended! (at least for me).  If I read 287 pages a day this week I can complete all the challenges.


Total page count: 289


Today I first read the first Tale of Beedle the Bard ''The Wizard and the Hopping Pot'' and I really liked this one! I'm going to read one tale each day or the other day, because there are 5 fairytales. 


After I finished that one I read Life Before Legend by Marie Lu. This is the novella that takes place before the Legend trilogy. I highly enjoyed this one as well! 


And after I finished the novella I started immediately Legend. This book is sooo faced paced! I read 227 of the 305 pages today.


How was your first day?