#booktubeathon Reading Update Day 2

Today was not a good reading day (but I had a great day in general!) because I read only 181 pages in total. But I decided to replace Catching Fire for Pride & Prejudice, because I already read Catching Fire and watched the movie as well and I think I'm done with dystopians for a while after I finished the Legend trilogy.


First I finished Legend: seriously guys: read this book(/series)! I think I love this trilogy more than The Hunger Games and Divergent (and that says something because those series are my favorite). Aftwe i finished Legend I read 62 pages of Prodigy. This is no surprise: the story gets even better! 


But then I decided to read ''The Fountain of Fair and Fortune'' and ''The Warlock's Hairy Hard'' from The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Those tales were really interesting as well!


So that's what I read today. It's 11 pm now but I'm to tired to read more today. 


How was your second day?