Update | I'm back! + internship designing book covers?!

I'm finally back, for real. Last year was a crazy year for me, with loads of design deadlines. That's why I couldn't read, so I also wasn't that much in the book community. But, now I finally can!

I've been on a break for a month now, but I just had to recover from all the design deadlines, so I wanted a break from all the deadlines and just relax. I finally have the time to read (yay!) and buy books. Last year I also posted that I was back, but school took more over that I ever thought. It was a crazy, but super awesome year (where I also started my own design business @ViennartDesigns and at the moment designing my own website), but so happy to be finally back. I have been reading quite a lot over the last month, getting rid of all the books I know I'm never going to read and also been buying some exciting ones. 


I also know I'll be back for sure now, because after summer break is over I'm going to do an internship where I'm going to design book covers (fulltime) until February! I can't tell where or what books I'm going to design because of their privacy, but you guys I'm so excited! I can't wait. This means I'm going to be super into the book community (like all the time) and I also have quite a few (creative) blogpost ideas. I'm not going to post bookhauls, tbr's and regular wrap-ups and such over here (but I'm going to on my Instagram page); only the creative, tags and chatty ones. My plan is to post every other Sunday at 3pm, starting from now. 


What have you been reading lately?