July wrap-up

So, July is over! This has been my best reading month so far! First I finished Jane Eyre and I also read a few pages of Steve Jobs's biography. 


Above you can see all the books I've read. First I wanted to show you the books in order so not the Legend box set but all the books on there own, but that's impossible with booklikes (you on only add 10 books in that row).


Here are my reviews in case you're interested:

Jane Eyre

That Summer

Four Divergent Stories

If I Were You

Just Listen


Please let me know if you want me to do a review of the other books!


I'm currently reading the last Harry Potter book and the biography of Steve Jobs. In August I would like to read the entire Anna and the French Kiss series and the Across the Universe trilogy. I only read Anna and the French Kiss a year ago on my ereader, now I bought all of them so I'm going to re-read that one. I also read a few chapters of Across the Universe on my ereader last year but I never finished it (I don't why). I also bought this series this year and I really want to read this trilogy. 


What books have you read in July?